Orr Law Office is a boutique law firm in Appleton, Wisconsin. It is a fusion of old fashioned service and cutting edge technology, seasoned with a healthy dose of practicality. I'm Richard D. Orr, Attorney at Law, and I have operated my general civil practice as a solo practitioner for many years. I like it that way. I think you will too. Orr Law Office 213 East Lincoln Street Appleton, WI 54915-1725 920.731.5763 ORR@ORR-LAW-OFFICE.COM
  Orr Law Office is a boutique law firm in Appleton, Wisconsin. It is a fusion of old fashioned service and cutting edge technology, seasoned with a healthy dose of practicality.  I'm Richard D. Orr, Attorney at Law, and I have operated my general civil practice as a solo practitioner for many years. I like it that way. I think you will too.   Orr Law Office213 East Lincoln StreetAppleton, WI 54915-1725920.731.5763ORR@ORR-LAW-OFFICE.COM 
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